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Are you a 7-Figure Sister TRAPPED in a 6-Figure Reality?

Let’s face it. You are a business badass. You have been doing your thing for at least 3 years and you are a BEAST! 

Except—your money doesn’t match 

the HOURS of effort you pour into your speaking, coaching or service-based business.

Imagine being able to be part of the elite 2% of women of all races to break the million-dollar mark in one annual year!

Imagine impacting the financial legacy of your bloodline so your children’s children are born into affluence, and you are hailed as a living legend! 

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 But Imagine...

Well guess what sis, you are spittin’ distance away from making that dream a reality!

Dr. Venus presents…

The Black Women Millionaires Impact & Affluence Tour™ 

Learn to Leverage Your Business to $1 Million in Record Time!

Join me, Dr. Venus, The Black Women Millionaires Mentor™ in the city nearest you for a LIVE in-person event that will put you on a PROVEN and PROFITABLE collision course to YOUR 7-FIGURE DESTINY!

Get ready for 4-hours of fun, deep connection, and mind-blowing business training that is custom designed for multiple 6-figure earning Black Women entrepreneurs who are ready to learn to leverage their already proven business model to the million dollar mark in record time!

And just to sweeten the pot, you will enjoy our signature “Money Mogul™ Networking Reception” at the start of the training, with delicious appetizers and soft drinks so you walk away with at least 2 qualified leads!

You, me and a loving gathering of super successful like-hearted sister entrepreneurs learning PROVEN internal secrets and leveraged business strategies from a Black Woman “self-made” Multi-millionaire so YOU can do the same. 

Black Women Millionaires Impact & Affluence Tour! 

Regional Tour Dates

April 8th Houston, TX

April 15th Los Angeles, CA

April 22nd New Jersey

April 29th Chicago, IL

And just to sweeten the pot even more! I have a very special GIFT for the 1st 50 women to bring a friend that you BOTH will receive!

Black Women Millionaires Virtual Salon Platinum Package! ($497 value)

I want you inspired. It’s hard to keep going when you think you’re the only one. These interviews from amazing Black Women Millionaires (as well as a SPECIAL bonus of Brother Millionaire interviews!!!), pull back the curtain so you can see that the struggle is real. They share the “inner secrets” how they had to heal their hearts to prosper. Listen to these recordings when you want an infusion of inspiration to come out swinging!

During this half day business training you will discover:

The REAL reason why you are trapped in a 6-figure reality—and how to get the hell out! (It’s not your fault—but it is you problem. And once you find out why you haven’t hit the 7-figure mark by now, it’s going to blow your MIND!) 

Discover EXACTLY what you are doing WRONG that keeps you slavin’, stuck, and stalled in a 6-figure business that undermines your parenting, kills your self care and even sabotages your sex life #GrownWomanTalkHere 

The ONE word that will have you making more money in half the time! (When I implanted this word with full passion, I quantum leaped from $ 400k to 1.2 million working part time hours from home in 10 months! #HollaAndPreach

The one thing you as a Black woman MUST give-up to become a millionaire. (This will go against EVERYTHING you have been taught but until you do it, your shot at being a 7-figure sister is in the toilet.) 

The 3 hidden drivers you MUST master to effortlessly have the sort of impact on the world like Oprah, Dr. King, or even Michelle Obama! 

And most crucial of all: The #1 secret to fast-tracking it to 7-figure success. (This secret generated $1.7 million for one of my clients in ONE conversation. It’s a game-changer!)

We will wrap up this session with YOU receiving an awesome opportunity to learn a PROVEN path to fast track it to 7-figure success— in the lap of luxury!!

Aren’t you sick of wasting time, energy, feeling like you are WAY behind because you truly don’t know how YOU are blocking YOU from becoming a 7-figure Sister?

Truth be told, you know you should have BEEN a Sister Millionaire by now. Look sis, you aint getting any younger. #JustSayin

Why keep struggling when I can spoon-feed you the secrets that 

fast-tracked me to the million-dollar mark (and has made over 7 million for my clients in the last 5 years) so you can do the same? 

Isn’t it time to stop wondering how to make your mark on human history and start living the way you’re destined to live? If you are serious about learning how to break the million-dollar mark in record time—then you need to grab you “Early Bird” seat NOW.


I only have 4 tour stops this year and when the spots are gone— they are gone. 

We are not selling tickets at the door so please don’t wait to get your seat. 

I am not adding more tour stops. My TV show is in the works as well as me writing my NY Times Best Seller. I simply can’t add more to my plate without going cray-cray. This is the ONLY time I can tour and may even be the last time. So please, don’t sleep on it. 

Grab your early bird seat for just $97 before the price goes up and before all the seats are gone (Pay attention to this price point. If you’re serious about reaching that seemingly elusive 7-figure goal and you “CAN’T” afford $97 to join me…then it’s time to re-think being in business girl!)!


Dr. Venus, The Black Women Millionaires Mentor™, is an acclaimed international speaker; CEO Mindset, Messaging and Marketing Mentor; and entrepreneur coach with a sweet spot for teaching primarily black women in business how to break the million-dollar mark—on their own terms. 

Dr. Venus went from living on the streets and eating out of trashcans to obtaining two master’s degrees and a Ph.D. from Stanford University. She worked as a university professor before investing in herself by testing her entrepreneurial skills. 

I can’t wait to hug you, to love on you and lift the curtain on EXACTLY what it takes to become part of that elite 2% of women around the world who shatter that million-dollar glass ceiling! 

See you soon! 

Dr. Venus

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